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Thread: "Pictures" Big River weekend

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    Big Proppa
    Who's got them - and could ya start posting them cause I'm startin to jones alittle.
    Wanted to say what a great time we had at big river this weekend - definately the start of a great summer for us, very cool seeing everyone again and meeting some new real cool people as well -
    all I have to say is "I made it until Monday and someone owes me 30 large"

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    Bill, I was really impressed to see you hang for so long. Like an ass, I forgot my camera so I have no pics. The only people I saw takin em were Jessa, Hustler and HB. Hopefully they got some good ones. You makin it next weekend??

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    Also wanted to say I had a great time, glad I made it out. Also, thanks to Chris and Shannon for letting me crash.

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    Ha HaaaaaaaaaaaaHaaaaaaaa
    Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :burningm: :clover: :burningm:
    Good One!!!

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    Dig the hair Bill

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    Big Proppa
    it was a rough day - whats up big - are you coming out soon

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    WOW!!! What an off the hook weekend. i cant even begin to describe how much fun we had. Big Proppa thanks again for putting up with us, it's very much appreciated. I have bunch of pic's that I'll post later tonight.

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    Big Proppa
    I just have to say one thing Hustler -
    they may sound gay but believe me it isn't

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    I really just wanted a piggy back ride. I swear

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