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    Mrs Luvnlife
    Tony - Just want to thank you and Carie and your crew for a GREAT weekend!! I had a bit much fun on Saturday night and paid for it greatly Sunday morning :messedup: ! It was nice to meet everyone.....Hud, Billy B., V-DRIVE VIDEO and sorry, others who's name's I can't remember .
    Sarge - Thanks mega checkin your mailbox :devil: ! AWESOME job on the shirts! It was good to see you again.
    Hud - Your BBQing was off the hook!! Thanks again so much for your'll never guess what we BBQ'd last night .....that schnitz is the bomb...I owe ya!
    Billy B. - You're awesome, it was great meeting you!!
    V-DRIVE VIDEO - It was very nice to meet you, I can't wait to see the good stuff!!!
    Tony, we are so glad that you are o.k.!!!!! You kick some serious a$$ in that K boat of yours!!!! :supp: Had a great weekend, nice to meet everyone and until next time..................

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    damn, sounds like I missed out on a good time. :hammer2:

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    Mrs Luvnlife
    damn, sounds like I missed out on a good time. :hammer2:
    Next time, lemme know and we'll pick ya up like we picked up Mike Oxbig!! It really was alot of fun....Tony has a great group of peeps!!

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