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Thread: Jetskier Decapitated!

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    Anytime someone dies in a boating accident it is a terrible event and we have some sad news from our "left" coast but I don't think we can top this one :idea:
    A Long Island man on a Jet Ski was decapitated after striking a sailboat's anchor line in Great South Bay last evening, police said.
    John Wilson, 34, of North Babylon, L.I., and another man were riding the watercraft near Squaw Island about 5:15 p.m. when tragedy struck, cops said.
    Wilson hit an anchor line dropped by Paul Harding of Massapequa Park, whose sailboat had run aground in Wansers Cut, police said. Harding, who was below deck when the accident occurred, was waiting for high tide so he could sail again.
    Nassau County Police Department's Marine 6 transported Wilson's body to shore.
    The medical examiner's office will perform an autopsy at Nassau University Medical Center.
    Wilson's companion was not injured.

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    and another from OSO:
    Young girl swimming between two boats got her head crushed when the boats slammed together from wave action. Life flighted from our dock late SAT afternoon. Conley Bottom Resort, Lake Cumberland, KY. Same day a teenage boy on a tube got a pierced in the neck by a driftwood stick. Ambulance from the dock to hospital.

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    Hate to hear of these stories, but there is something to be learned by each one

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    Anybody hear something? Boing goes the anchor line.

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    Tom Brown
    That would be something to be sitting on the deck of your sailboat, relaxing, and have a disembodied head roll onto the deck.
    I'd want to shoot the eyes out with a paint ball gun. ... damn jetskiers.

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    Someone suggested that we start calling anchor lines "Darwin's Harpstring." :crossx:

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    Thats gotta hurt just watching.

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    Hell. I don't even need to look at the body to tell what killed him.

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    allen , :messedup: your head and shoulders above the rest

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    Think of all the ghost stories drinkers will tell about the headless jetskier haunting the Great South Bay area after dark OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
    Kinda like the headless horsemen only not.
    The sailboater won't ever be lacking for names for any new boats he gets:
    * Heads You Lose
    * Heads Up!
    * What Was That?
    * Did You Hear Something?
    * Headhunter
    * Little Off The Top

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