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Thread: speed ?

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    took new to me boat out , two guys and 3/4 fuel,and more stuff in boat got 72 on gps. this is first jet boat ,19 cp 454 don't kow about motor,single carb bassett's ,berkley pump stainless impeller ,ride plate got a new mpd loader. fells like it runs good,does that speed sound normal? don't know much about jets any input?

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    72 is nice if you ask me. What RPMs' you spinnin? CP's can really haul with some HP and set up. They are good to well in the 100's. At least thats what I see.

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    5600 rpm got any ideas what impeller that would be?

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    flat broke
    5600 rpm got any ideas what impeller that would be?
    Assuming a relatively stock 454, taking into consideration your speed, and knowing what a CP will run with a healthy 454 and tight pump... a tired B, maybe a C (using Berk impeller sizing not Aggressor). The only way to know for sure is to take the bowl off and measure the impeller. While your at it, you can check your clearances too.

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    what should it run with a tight pump? don't get me wrong i think it runs great,but i thought it would a little faster, but really have no idea

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    Squirtin Thunder
    That number sounds like a stock "B" or "C". If you have time get Jack at MPD detail and impeller for you, you will drop some rpm but gain mph.
    I ran 74 mph with a bone stock 1977 Berk "A" impeller @ 5300 rpm. Not sure of my mph now, but I am only turning 5100 with a "B-" MPD impeller. I will say I am running somewhere in the 75+ range.

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    ok? so the diff between a,b,c pitch? would a be the tallest /most?

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    Squirtin Thunder
    ok? so the diff between a,b,c pitch? would a be the tallest /most?
    In most cases if you take a stock "A" and turn it to 5K and then put a "B" you will turn 5200 - 5300rpms and a "C" you would turn 5400 - 5500rpm. But if you have Jack at MPD do up an impeller for you it will take more power to spin the same rpm and you will get more thrust forward.

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    Take it to Jack at MPD, nobody sets up a CP better than MPD.

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