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Thread: Trim problems on 86 merc w/Alpha drive

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    I have a 86 Baja Sport 220 with a merc tempest 300 (350cu) motor that sports a Aplha drive. When on the trailer i can trim up and down with the standard trim up and down buttons on the throttle/gear lever, as well as trim up with the trailer button. Once in the water i can trim down with the down button but the up button does not work which leaves me using the trailer button to trim up. Any suggestions on what might be wrong?

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    have you trimmed it all the way(all the way) down first in the water and then trim back up from there with the right switch?
    the normal up trim botton only works in a certain range they don't work till you go down past a certian point first. hope this helps if not just stating the obvious.-jas

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    some trim pumps have two solinoids one for up and one for down. check those if it has them. i'm not familiar with older models.

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    Wild Horses
    You might be getting water in your trim limit switch on the side of your outdrive. If it is grounding out it will stop the trim switch from working. It has no bearing on the tilt switch. Also your wires to the trim switch may be corroded. And it may just be out of adjustment.

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