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Thread: Thanks...Red Bluff

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    Well Red Bluff is in the books. Had some kind of a weekend :notam:
    Jerry Vdrive Video, thanks for the help on Weds and Thursday. I appreciate you cleaning her up and as always the bad ass video. All I'm saying is thanks.
    Sarge and his kids- I can't thank you enough for the job you did on the shirts. Brittany was a selling machine and a sweetheart to boot. Jim you have the most well behaved respectful kids I have ever met. And thank you Jim for escorting Carrie down to the outramp after my crash. She said you were in full Sarge mode getting people out of the way.
    Billy B- The best Crew chief around. Thank you for keeping me safe and fast in the K boat. Nice to hear ya on the other end of the radio.
    Flat Stupid- Thank you again for making this deal happen. It was another party in the pits thanks to you. I hope Nancy enjoyed the trip and it was great to have Hunter with us. The Montana Muds were off the hook. 3 Gallons of Tequila?
    HUD and Kathy- Hud the mushrooms kicked ass as usual and I have never seen them dissappear faster than they did on Saturday night. Thank you and Craig for helping with the boat last round when the others had to leave. And thanks to Kathy for helping with the shirts in the trailer and cleaning up at the end of the day.
    Cale and the Luvnlifes- Thanks for your help with moving the trailer and loading the boat up and all the other jobs you took care of for us. You guys are always welcome.
    Dave Rankin- Thank you for working with me on the propellers for the boat and helping me get the boat to run.
    To all the people that came over to the rescue spot after my crash thank you for being there.

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    Hey JBG. Thank you for welcoming Casey and me into your pit. And it was very nice to finally meet you. We had a blast. We won't miss it next year. Casey had fun, he was drinking too many Mudslides though.LOL I hope you are ok from the crash. I agree the mushrooms were awesome as usual!! Oh and Thank you for the bandaids! :wink: Hopefully we see you again at CFW Fathers Day. I will wear the right shoes this time!! BTW Nice driving! You look awesome out there!

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    As always, my pleasure buddy! Besides it's the only way I can hang around a Rock Star like the "B"! And yes that was THREE gallons! :2purples:

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    LOL!!!! You mean the blisters on my feet???

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    It was great meeting you too Christina. Thanks for putting those pictures up. I am having a hard time posting a pic for some reason. We will see you at CFW during the week for sure. Hopefully, you and Casey can make it out to Chowchilla

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    I can still hear the blender. That thing was on the chip!!

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    Yeah this thing was cool! Sounded like a chainsaw.

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    I wanted to give big thanks to Tony for making all of us feel welcome!! It is truly one big family.
    Hud and Kathy thanks for the mouth watering food!! and all of the laughs
    Flat Stupid those Drinks were off the hook!!!! A hugh thanks for making it all happen!!
    It was nice to meet Billy and Jerry I look forward to seeing that new video Jerry.
    Mr and Mrs Charity it is always good to hang with you guys we look forward to some more good times @ CFW!!
    We will hopefully see all of you @ Chow..

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