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Thread: panther steering problem

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    I have a panther pump and when I turn left more than liek halfway, a stream of water shoots up and at my passenger side header, the harder I turn and more gas I give it the worse it is, seems to turn sharper to the left than right also. Evrything is adjusted properly and it turns evenly to each side but it only sprays water when you turn left. Anybody have a clue what I should look for or anything?

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    did u try it without the swimstep cover on the pump? somethimes that thing gets out of wack and digs into the water.

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    it doesn't have the cover on the pump, that was taken off a long time ago.

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    Mine has that a little too...... My big problem is the reverse just swamps the engine.... I am getting ready to install a swim step that goes the length of the transom..... make it easier to get in..... and no water will sprat up.... I am in the process of putting on logs... and covering the engine..... those Bassets are just eating up everybody's skin..... and my son is 2 1/2.... gonna change them before he gets burned.... the turn stronger one way vs the other...... has to be cable problem......

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    without the cover, you will get spray back. If you turn the nozzle all the way to one side or the other, you will notice about a 3/8" gap between the housing and nozzle, that's where the spray back is coming from.
    If you look at the bottom of the nozzle, you will see a threaded hole on each side. I put an s/s bolt in each of those as steering stops to prevent the spray. It did exactly that with very little loss of tight turnability. The other 2 things you can do is just not turn it as sharp or put the cover back on.

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