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Thread: satellite radio?

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    Sirius or XM... why? I want it for home, car and boat, just not sure which one is best.

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    Ready To Run
    I have XM. It has more stations. An extra 20. I got it because it has NASCAR, all MLB games and NBA games. But Sirius will have howard stern soon if you like him. That is why some of my friends are getting Sirius. I use it in my truck, boat and at home. I can also listen to it on-line for free, its included in the price.

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    do a search in the sandbar ,lots o reading for yas
    This thread is like watching the movie "Groundhog Day"....
    XM better technology.........

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    Sirius gets Nascar next year
    BTW RP...I don't recall offhand if your Beemer was prewired for Sat. Radio, but if it was you can get the BMW radio w/Sirius that includes the 1st years subscription.
    But to be honest I've been looking at the multiple docking units myself, house, car, boat and now they have a boombox too.

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    I have XM now, but will be getting a portable Sirus soon, so I can atleast listen to Howard in the mornings while making the drive.

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    I have XM in my Denali. Love it. Listen to it going to Havasu all the time. Great reception, even in the middle of nowhere on the 40 or 10.

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    Serious & XM have unlimited channel potentntial ( they can add as many as they want ) ... As for howard and any other "personalities" having a show on either service.... Each comapny will eventually cross licences each others material... like buying extra cable channels at home..
    No announcemnts yet , because they each want subscriber supperiority,,, Although quite a draw and a lot of hype will come when howard launhces , when Stockholders see that Howard isnt the total solution to Sirrus and start to see stagnation... What what's happends.... ** Can't say I didn't tell ya !

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    I have had SIRIUS in both of my cars from day one and have never listened to a local station since. Do a Little research online. Listen online to both and then make your move. It will come down to what you want to listen to. They are pretty even accross the board with a few minor differences.
    My vote is for SIRIUS
    Good Luck on your purchase

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    Get sirius, Howard Stern is going to turn the whole program around

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    All IN
    IF you like Howard Stern--it's No Choice---Sirius Rocks
    No Howard= No Xm

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