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Thread: Just posting a little news from PAC..

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    The interface company:
    Wednesday, June 01, 2005 -- PAC has announced that the U.S. Patent Office has allowed the claims in its U.S. Patent Application for the art embodied in its SWI Steering Wheel Radio Control Interface. The allowed claims cover the use of factory-installed control features, such as steering wheel radio controls, and aftermarket devices using wireless techniques, such as IR or Bluetooth.
    PAC also announced the release of its SWI-ALP and its SWI-PS. These devices allow the installer to plug the steering wheel radio controls directly into the wired remote ports of applicable Sony, Pioneer and Alpine radios. This feature eliminates the need for the SWI-X's IR transmitter for radios without wired remote input. Both interfaces can be used on the same vehicle application list as the SWI-X. Additionally, PAC announced the CAN BUS interface for its SWI Series. The device allows the radio replacement in those vehicles with steering wheel radio controls that use the CAN BUS.

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    In english please?

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    They just released a part that will allow you to seamlessly hookup factory steering wheel remotes to aftermarket headunits Old SWIX adaptor was a IR repeater...

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