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    So many have called with prayer and wishes for my wife Penny. Yesterday she had what we hope was the final correction in this chain of events. To everyone thank you from the bottom of our hearts for you concern and prayers. To those that are interested in today’s medical science I provide the a quick case history.
    Almost 12 years ago Penny Had a Heart Transplant done by UCSD San Diego. From a viral infection such as strep throat. We had 2 Children Kim, & Jeff with one Grandchild, Brandon, age 3.
    In November 2001 Penny had a stroke from a ruptured vessel within the brain. This affected her left arm & leg. Jan.2002 it is believed Penny had a second stroke from a blood clot. On superbowl Sunday Penny asked to be taken to emergency, stating something was very wrong.
    After a period of being told Penny was in Heart Failure, I demanded she be taken to UCLA. Upon a biopsy being performed, it was learned she had been in a smoldering type Heart Rejection. Penny under went a severe rejection program in UCLA called k2000 consisting of some 12 induced drugs with daily pushes on several. This was done in CCU with a 24 hour Doctor/Nurse staff no further than 3’ & 10’ away.
    Penny condition was very bad and she required Paddles on 2 occasions, and had 2 seizures while undergoing the treatment. Since that time UCLA has worked hard to get her back to a higher standard of living.
    Yesterday, Penny underwent a 4-hour procedure to eliminate an electrical charge that was causing the heart to flutter. State of the art technicians were mapping out her Heart and a specialist was overseeing and performing the procedure. Upon starting the mapping program, both inside and outside of the Heart, The Doctor and the Technicians started thanking Penny, as each had never seen this type of Heart Transplant (A transplanted heart attached to a section of the old heart).
    It’s believed all was corrected by catheterizing the point the charge was coming from.
    Penny has been going to dinner out, attended a concert with her sister last week, and even been shopping @ her favorite store’s in the past two weeks. She's talking of returning to answer phones here in a couple weeks – Again Thank all of you for your Prayers and Concern.
    As A point for those that might be interested,I have Posted a copy of yesterday's Mapping. Penny & I meet New Transplant People everyweek from all stages of Life. Today it is not uncommon for both Heart and Lung to be done and Donator's do add to someones quality of life. Should anyone in your life be in need of discussion on this subject, please fill free to contact us. Thank You- Dave
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    Dave, Glad to hear she is doing better and you guys are getting the best help possible. we will continue to pray for you guys.

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    Jungle Boy
    Good luck to the both of you.

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    Ditto Hustler's sentiments. Wishing her a healthy long life

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    RR1/ 001
    Dave, Annette and I hope all goes well and we`ll continue to pray for her in her time of need.
    Angels Watching over us....
    Angels come into all of our lives in a variety of ways. They have always been with us, in every time and culture. Angels appear when they're least expected. And they are just as unpredictable in what they say or do. Their closer presence is deeply encouraging-just the helping hand for which so many of us have been praying. They are with us whether we believe in them or not. The Angels are here.....
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    Glad to hear she is doing better Dave!
    I wish you both long and happy lives.
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    She is a trooper if she pulled through all of that. Good luck to both of you guys.

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    Licketty Split
    We are Praying for you Dave. I went through a simmular situation in my family
    god be with you

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    hack job
    good to hear that every thing is going good and our prayers go out to you and yours!

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    Glad all is well, I have had a few medical bumps in my time. All is well with a positive outlook and a supportive, loving family. It sounds like she has those in spades.

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