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Thread: No More Pics Like These, Please!

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    :hammer2: :hammer2: :hammer2:
    That's pretty nasty! :squiggle: I had the unfortunate event of seeing this picture before the black bar was added. Now you have to put it up again just to get the word out to stop this madness. I hope it works. :lightsabe

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    Hey now, don't we have to be equal aooprtunity here and entertain all the homos too, or must we just be arseholes?

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    Well, it got worse. Don't look now but the entire picture got posted here: http://www2.***
    Stop the insanity! :cry:

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    The boil/zit :yuk: on his back is probably bigger than his balls!
    You sure its not a pastie? :yuk:

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    Its amazing what a little sun / alcohol will make you do.

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    Thats great, I love what people can do to pictures

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    Thats great, I love what people can do to pictures
    The only thing done to this one was a black bar added to save our eyes. The regular one is posted up in the thread that is linked, not that it hasn't been posted 1000 times... :notam:

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    Drama central at it again I see...

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    Hey Gilligan, perhaps it's time to face it:

    Now that's funny...

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