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Thread: Guess What I Just Did???

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    Bought me a boat.
    1975 Spectra 20
    Hardin 455 OLDS (Stock 325 HP - Rebuilt w/ less than 1 hour)
    Jacuzzi Pump
    A friend was selling it because it was sittin in his garage for 8 years and he hadn't used it.
    Is $3,900 a good price? :wink:

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    Nice lookin' boat, when you puttin' the blue lights on? So, seriously, where do you plan to boat? I know I wouldn't want to hang around my work on the weekends.

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    cool! Polestry looks new!

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    Essexive G's
    Hey Alan, nice boat. Not a bad price, and it's your color too! What a plus!
    Have fun with her.

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    Bought me a boat. Is $3,900 a good price? :wink:
    Thief. You should be going to jail after what you just did.

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    O-i thought you were going to say you tossed RD in jail, CONGRATS on the boat
    Nah, he kicked RD in the junk and then bought a boat. Looks good Boatcop. Congrats on one of the two happiest days... LOL

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    Bitchen!! I bet you cant wait to get out there and knock back some cold beers floatin' down the river.....
    Oh wait, you guys made that illegal....

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    Congrats, nice boat! If you need help on what safety equipment is required, just post here and we'll be glad to help!

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    Congrats. Looks like you made out like a bandit.
    Now start working on a name for it.

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    Look me up durring the winter, we will make it into a V-drive and make your investment triple. Nice boat, they are always fun.

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