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Thread: trailer repair in havasu

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    My Brother In Law Had A Bad Experience In Havasu A Couple Of Weeks Ago. He Had HIS Brakes Repaired (drum Brakes) On His 1989 Competitive Trailer. I Was Following Him Back Home Going West On I 40 And His Brakes Went Up In Smoke At Needle Mountain Road. I Loosened His Brakelines And He Took It Back To Havasu. I Was Suprised To Find Out That They Didnt Rebuild Or Replace His Master Cylinder. The Trailer Is Set Up With A U.f.p. Actuater. The Master Was Full Of Rust. As A Long Time Employee Of Pacific Boat Trailers In Chino California, I Was Appalled. They Told Him That There Was Nothing Wrong With It. Believe Me, I Can Tell If The Actuater Was Removed And It Wasent.
    My Question To You Boat Owners Out There Is If There Was A "real" Trailer Repair Shop In Havasu, Would You Consider Going There? A Place Where Your Trailer Can Be Picked Up And Delivered Back You? A Place Where Everything Would Be In Stock? Maybe Even Open On Sat. And Sun.? Please Let Me Know By Responding To This. Thanks.........

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    a catered life
    sound like you may have a start for a great business if you got the start up money

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    Zieman has a facility in LHC but I'm not sure if they do service there.

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    not sure they are there. not to bash, but i've heard from lots of dealers out here and in havasu that they dont do much service. and they arent very happy with them. thats just what i heard. who knows if its true.

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