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Thread: Project Boat Wanted---SF Area

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    Old Guy
    This is kind of an unusual request, but we thought it was worth a try. There are many more quality low profile jet boats in California than there are here in Michigan. A friend is making a trip to Calif. to pick up a car. The car has a good hitch and is capable of pulling a small (18' to 21') boat back to Mich.
    He's looking for a jet or vee drive with trailer. Probably without motor. Most concern is good hull design. The guy is capable of doing any kind of repair or rigging that would be necessary.
    Like most of us, he has a lot of desire and not a lot of money.
    Thanks for your help.

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    what's he wanting out of the boat? speed? good cruiser? good riding?

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    Old Guy
    Thanks for the response guys. He's looking mostly for speed and not too concerned with comfort. We have more than 2 million registered watercraft in this state, but low profile boats are not easy to find.

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    Sanger Pete
    Hey Old Guy:
    How about a "classic" 1968 Sanger flatbotttom? I have a 19'-6" v-drive project that includes: Solid hull, V/M tandem trailer, halibrand v-drive, powerglide, drive line, prop/shaft, rudder, cav plates, BBC mounts, 15 gal stainless russell tanks. All it needs is paint/gel, interior, motor and assembly. $2,500. I've got some pics if you will get me an email address.
    Sanger Pete

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    try craigslist, lotsa boats there!

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