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Thread: A little Hifonics news for Doghouse and Phatt Matt...

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    Watts Up at Hifonics
    Friday, June 03, 2005 -- Chicago, Il. – Hifonics has shipped the first production run of its two new mega-kilowatt Ultra D-Class subwoofer amplifiers. The XX-Maxximus, capable of delivering 10-kilowatts and its competition amp brother the 5-kilowatts RMS XX-Goliath, are arriving at Hifonics Dealers. The 10kW XX-Maxximus' nearest competitor weighs in at 6000-WRMS. The 10kW XX-Maxximus amplifier and 5kW XX-Goliath feature Ultra D-Class amplifier technology, both are refinements of previous Super D-Class amplifier designs. The Ultra D-Class amplifier designs use Hifonics top 1% grade, highest-speed microprocessors to control the digital-to-analog control circuits.
    Alden Stiefel, Maxxsonics CEO, states, “Maxximus and Goliath will be the competition class amps to beat. The 5000-Watt Goliath and the 10,000-Watt Maxximus raise the bar for all SPL competitors in 2005. It’s all about power at these SPL events.” The XX-Goliath retails at $4999.95 and the XX-Maxximus retails at $9999.95.

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    A buck a watt?
    Thats pretty good pricing. :supp:

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    Phat Matt
    I read about those on their site. Those amps are HUGE. I think I am actually going to get the new XX Hercules 2000 watt amp.

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    That's just wrong, but I like it!

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