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Thread: Roosevelt this weekend

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    full throttle
    Anyone going to Roosevelt this weekend? I'm head'in up tomorrow morn.

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    Enjoy, I hear it's really full and nice right now!

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    liquid diet
    Let us know what it was like, I haven't been up there since it filled up

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    full throttle
    Roosevelt was cool. I had not been there in many years. Unbelievable amount of water, and smooth enough to ski forever. Not alot of people. Everyone needs to establish a "Party" spot, so everyone who wants, can partake. Under the bridge used to be the spot, but not much go'in on there these days. Ramps are good. I launched @ Grapevine, and liked it. New Marina is alright. Lost of potential, but they need to put some cash into the facilities like consessions, food, bar, etc. Kinda more like Pleasant.$$$$$. All in all, I'll go there now and then. Still like the river.

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    We went this weekend I met full throttle up there we did not get to talk long as we floated apart but the lake was perfect for tubing sking or just having fun. Really no other boats to worry about. the lake is so large you can pretty much have it to yourself. just pick a spot

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    Sounds cool. I would think some of the coves up under the bridges going towards Punkin Center would make some good party spots

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