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Thread: St Louis Dragboat Association Races next weekend.

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    Anybody from the boards going to be there?

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    Jake W2
    I would go Steve but my Wife, Brother inlaw and Sister inlaw are pumped to go to (dont laugh to hard) jublee days at the lake that week end.I hope it does not rain you guys out chance for T storms up this way every day till next sat.

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    Yep, chance of showers pretty much every day.
    Time for me to catch some ZZZ's now, gotta go to work in the morning.
    I re-sent the email about your Gullwing.

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    Mike and I hope to be there with Dan South PE597 crewing his Cole Hydro and tuning the new motor that will go into the Cole TR-6 we are currently building. Stop by and say hello if you get a chance.
    Mike and Kristina

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