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    Racing Ray
    Nice boat nova! Where do you normally use it?

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    flat broke
    Do you have any numbers from your boat? I am in the process of doing a 21' Dana that is pretty similar in size and draft and would be curious to hear what you are hitting with your current engine and pump setup.

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    Nice looking boat nova. That looks exactly like what my next boat will be like, heck, maybe I'll buy yours, it'll match my truck pretty good.

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    I just bought the bought on the 4th of July( I wanted to remember this special day). I am new to boating, however I used to own a sea-doo. I have asked a question before due to lack of rpm's. The boat is only doing 3800 RPM max. I think this is way too conservative for a CHEVY 454. I just ordered a sea demon (750cfm mechanical secondaries) carburator, k&N filter and a MSD ignition from Summit Racing. I hope this will help with the power and maybe boost the R's up. What do you guys think? I also installed a after market intake grate from Rex Marine. The guy said I should see a 5mph increase by just changing the intake grate.

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    Sorry...I meant I just bought the boat....

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    spectras only
    Nova guy,congrats for your new ride,I've noticed your Indmar manifolds.Those are a bit small for a 454 [breathing wise],I would shop around for a taller exhaust manifold and riser setup if you got enough space under your hatch.Your RPM is low,even if you have a base 330HP motor.You may have a "AA" impeller for cruising economy. If you have time reordering your MSD ign system from Summit ,make sure they send you the marine box,6M- 2,not the 6AL box that made for cars!
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    With the same hull, different deck I don't see much, if any water coming over the top.
    Wondering why not use the non-marine version 6 series MSD? What is the difference except the price and color? Anybody have any horror stories?

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    Great looking boat! do they have a web site for Inmar exhast I got some of them to but I cant get no infor. or where you can get some . thank Rod NC

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    Racing Ray

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