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    The crowd over here has some 22ft flatbottom boats with 350 chevy and america turbine or kodiak jetpumps . There boats have moters that are 325hp and they turn 4500rpms to 4700rpms . What combotions do these type of moters have . Cam, size compression rato. I know some say buy what they have but I would like to build it .Rod NC coast.

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    It's hard to speculate about their cams, compression ratio's, etc., but it's a fairly easy task to build a 350 that makes 325 hp. You might want to check out some of the GM Crate engines, and "borrow" some of the specific information from them, or contact one of the camshaft manufacters, or Edelbrock, for some more specific hardware recommendations. There is some good info. on crate motors at (

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    I'm a BB Ford fan myself but I've built ALOT of small block Chevs(used to be a machinist). Go on the Chevy website and look for the Hi-Po crate motors. The site gives you ALL the info you'll ever need. It even gives you the torque spec for the carb bolts and the part numbers for the valve seats and guides!! Think I'm kidding? Just go there and you'll see. It also gives you dyno printouts. Pretty cool, even if it is for Chevy's. But I agree with Jetmugg, one horse per cube is the low standard now. A 350/350 is easy as hell to build. Good luck with your search! Any questions just e-mail me I contain a wealth of knowledge. Or I pretend to very well! ;-)

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    here's a good site for performance Chevy parts from the dealers

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    hey rod.
    SBC are cake motors..easy to build HP, grab a 4 bolt main 10-1 pistons and some decent camel hump heads with a vic JR intake and 750 cfm , comp cam 280dur w/488 lift and your set. 350-400hp, easy.

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