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Thread: Thanks Kilr.........

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    Thanks BUDDY for her TEST RIDE, SHE now understands our NEED for a new boat!
    She keeps saying how it didnt fill like you were going 80mph, because it was SOOOOOO smooth.
    NOW, we only need to start thinking about colors

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    No problem toby..... 80 is all she would let me do...... I kept telling her it rides a little hard at 50 and 60, finally she said go a LITTLE faster so we went 80 ........
    She was like WOW, 80 is very smooth... She said is the water smooth.......
    I said NOPE......
    Thank you for help with wiping the boat down for the photo shoot... Too bad it happened today..... Thanks for the secret sauce it really came in handy during the shoot....

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    kilr... The boat looked great

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    The boat looks SICK kilr.
    Union, I saw you cruzin the channel on saturday.
    Your 26 is still one of my favorite havi rides.

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    Hey Tob was my old 26' out there last weekend?

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    Hey Tob was my old 26' out there last weekend?
    I didnt see it on Rotory beach. And thats about the only place I was, Was a real DRAG being boatless at a regatta :cry:

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    I did not see it either.....
    Where were all the outboards... I usually see more on regular weekends....

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