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Thread: Dexter Races

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    Lady Rat Attack 1
    Well Rat Attack is getting ready for the Dexter races. Hopefully the block will be out of the shop on Wed so the guys can get busy. Jim and Kurt were working ferousily last nite to make sure the bottom of the boat is sound and everything looks ok , no damage from the prop shaft comming off at CFW. I have never seen two guys more excited about spending money on a boat. Does anyone know of a good place to stay for the Dexter races. We have never been up there and need some place to stay. Lets hope for some good luck and lots of sponsers to get us back on track.

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    Good luck @ the races, thats one bad ass Boat & driver jawdrop

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    Dexter is a great place to race. Everybody is extremly friendly.I tent camp when I go there. There are also hotels in Sprigfield or Eugene, just a few miles away. I'll see you there.
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    Mrs Big Boy Toys
    Good luck Lady.... Have a great time.

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