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Thread: River Cruiser Wanted

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    I'm new to this forum and to boats in general. I grew up around boats when I was younger, (jets and i/o's), and now I'm looking for my family. I've got about 13K to spend and I've been trying to find a decent river cruiser. All the ones I've seen in person are over priced and beat to sh*t. I originally wanted to find one with a jet but it's so hard to find any in decent shape that I've been looking at v-drives too. If anyone could give me info about available hulls (will take one with or without motor), the differences between the hulls (Schiada, Howard, Spectra, Continental, etc.), and any opinions between v-drive and jet drive on these types of hulls I would greatly appreciate it. I've never been in or around a v-drive and always thought jets were a safer more bullet-proof way to go (will be mostly boating Havasu), but do like the classic look of the v-drive. I also realize jets are not nearly as efficient as v-drive or i/o but I worry about the kids having seen so many prop related accidents when I was younger. I don't have a whole lot of money and don't know what kind of costs maintaining a v-drive will run. Any info anyone can give me about any of the above would be cool.
    thanks, Jerry

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    Kindsvater Flat
    Here ya go. You couldn't find a better boat for the price.
    Other thread (http://www2.***

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    Here ya go. You couldn't find a better boat for the price.
    Other thread (http://www2.***
    I'm trying to get a hold of him to set up a time to see the boat. I'm not real jazzed about the hot pink but I'm getting less picky considering what's out there for what I can spend. I would still like info from anyone comparing different hulls (spectra, schiada, etc.) and differences/opinions on these hulls with v-drive or jet.
    The above boat is a splash of a spectra so is it comparable or is it inferior to the spectra? Any info is appreciated.

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    Kindsvater Flat
    He has a Schiada also so he could fill you in. He will come online unless someone here has his phone number.

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    I know of a Rivertunnel with an outboard if you are interested.

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    Ex PSI Canyon
    Brian Bergeron has a Hallett Sport V-drive that is absolutely flawless. wants 15K for it and has all the nice stuff. Bergeron Marine in Mesa .

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