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Thread: Reverse Spam 460 Block

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    I am looking for a Ford 460 block to put into my boat. I bought the boat on Fri, and 20 min in the water on Sun, and I sent a rod through the pan. Now I know why it was so cheap. If anyone has any info on a complete block, I'd really appreciate it. My plan is to get one to run a few trips to the lake while I rebuild the one I granaded, but I may be willing to just pay for something high performance right now, and save the labor. PM me if you have one, or know anyone that does. I need it ASAP as I need the boat in the water for The Shasta Cat Attack this weekend. Thanks in advance...

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    Contact Paul "LakesOnly" on the boards.

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    Will do, thanks...

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    Yo Bra I saw some in the back of last weeks Boat Trader.

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    I'll have to go and check it out then. Thank you...

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    Ive got a buddy who has a salvage yard I can give a call and see if he has anything lying around.

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    Squirtin Thunder
    I may have one close by to you. What year block do you want ???

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    I'm not too worried about the year. I'll make any changes I need to make. Just needs to run. How is the motor you're talking about. Anything done to it?
    PM me, or e mail me: Thank you...

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    Ive got a buddy who has a salvage yard I can give a call and see if he has anything lying around.
    Please do, I want this ready by Fri to head to Shasta. Thanks...

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    Hey Bra pm me your number I want to give you a call real quick.

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