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Thread: Our Memorial Pics

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    My bro, MsEduKATor and I got to close the red room out with Matt on Friday, and spent the rest of Memorial weekend hanging with Mandelon and his crew. Fun group to hang with. We finally got to meet the Scuba's, and a few others from the boards. Here are some of the pics from the mini sand bar.
    Just the start of Ben's big pimp'n day at the mini Sand Bar

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    Sweet pix! I was good to meet you as well.

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    DAMN,don't stop now :wink:
    I was thinking the same thing! :wink:

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    Keep the pixs cuming. nice job.

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    oh yeah!

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    I've got a lot more I'll post in a few

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    Sweet pics... Thanks for taking them....
    We still think MRS ED is hotter than those chicks....

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