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Thread: New boat, needs service!!

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    Got a new boat last spring, only put a few hours on it last summer. Want to get it serviced and some possible upgrades. Live in Riverside county and had my last boat serviced in O.C. (very little, no relationship). So I'm looking to build a good repor with a quality shop.
    PS- I'm a new member to the board, but have been a spectator for some time and would respect your opinion. Also, its a 454/jet.

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    teambnr where ever you decide to take your boat do it soon! The quicker you get it in, the quicker you'll get it back. The first few days of good weather always seem to bring on boating fever.
    I know OC is a ways from you, but I hear MPD is tops for pump work and also there is a good engine shop a couple of doors down from him. Talk to HBjet about that.
    I'd make the rounds and talk to a few shops. If you don't like their attitude before the sale it probably won't get any better after the sale.
    Happy boating!

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    teambnr try Tom Papp racing in Norco. Tom does alot of service work from big to small. Give him a call 909-734-4606 He will treat you right.

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    Tom Papp and MPD are great shops. Don't forget GS Marine in Corona (909)272-6060.

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    flat broke
    The info you've gotten so far is correct. I would say go to Jack(MPD) or Greg (GS marine) as I have dealt with both of them and had good experiences. If your solely looking for pump work, Jack is hands down the guy I'd recommend, but if you might need a couple odds and ends taken care of, GS has a larger staff and might be a good choice. GS is located in Corona just north of Commander Boats, and MPD is in Costa Mesa.
    Good luck,
    Chris (

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    Thanks for the info, GS and Papp were on my list, MPD? is that Marine Performance Design in Costa Mesa? If so I also got ther number. Thanks for the help.

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    what do you know about Marine Power/Pro Boat in Riverside. The motors got 1 more year on the warinty there. I'm thinking of adding Headers and don't want screw that up.

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    I have a Marine Power 502 carbed.
    I also have a sooting issue with my carb (750 Holley vac sec) and frankly, I'm rather displeased with (1) the vac sec carb and (2) Pro Boat in Riverside. Here is why.
    The vac sec carb sooting has been with me from day 1 of the boat delivery. So, at around 30 or so hours, I took the boat into ProBoat who checked the timing and replaced the 10.5 power valve with a 6.5 (if I remember correctly). This made sense to me, as I don't need to be in the enrichment/power circuit any earlier than is necessary. They also checked the carb idle settings. Guess what, no change, still sooting my transom. The shop was gracious, and did not charge for this service (more on this later).
    When I got the boat back, I was at Blythe and after a while of running and skiing I smelled fuel. I popped the engine cover, and I found that when they had pulled the front bowl to replace the PV, the small gaskets under the screw heads had been left off the bottom screws. (couldn't have been the top ones, could they?)
    As a result I found out that I had a fuel leakage problem, small, but fuel had already pooled in one of the manifold casting valleys.
    Between all of us folks on this board, this was truely a safety issue - fuel leakage in a closed engine compartment is why there are marine carburetors as well as electrical equipment designed to minimize ignition sources. And an event such as what could have occured is what keeps some PI lawyers in clover(and I should know) and kills small business.
    Fortunately, I carry a supply of Holley parts with me at all times. I recognized and fixed the problem - no catastrophe. But what if someone else didn't?
    Now, the problem get larger as follows: When I am running at WOT or near WOT and step off the pedal, the engine flat stalls. It just dies, tach goes to 0. This behavior has been with me now for some time.
    So, back on the phone with MP who indirectly recommends a double pumper. Next I get back on the phone with Pro Boat. They tell me, get this, that I am not driving the boat correctly - that one should never side step the pedal.
    Guess what folks. I've been driving jet boats for 20 years + and to hear this BS just blows my mind. And to hear it from a shop, of all places. I'll drive my boat anyway I want to or need to.
    The bottom line is this - do the job yourself. NO ONE WILL SWEAT THE DETAILS LIKE YOU WILL. You will know what you've got, what you've done, and what you need to do. And, you have only yourself to blame if you screwup.
    As for warranties from Marine Power.
    The standard warranty is 2 year. This covers the mechanical portion of the engine, blocks, heads, rods, valves, etc. However, the entire fuel system (pump,carb) warranty is approximately 5 hours. Yes - 5 hours. This is info direct from ProBoat and MP (based in Louisiana). The reason for this is they have no control over what one puts into the fuel tank and therefore, cannot extend warranty part 5 hours. I have been told that if I alter the carb (or anything else on the engine) and I have an engine failure that "is attributable to the altered system" that the warranty is null and void. Words like bore wash down due to excess fuel from big carbs, etc. In my book this is utter nonsense. After 50 hours on my engine, if I grenade it, in my book, that's my nickel and I don't expect anyone, including MP to pony up on a warranty claim just because I've got a rod that parted the journal at 5000 rpm or a valve that bent for whatever reason. Its mechanical and all things mechanical fail - when is the question.
    Enough rambling, its a warranty, and take what you get. If you install headers (wet/dry) talk to MP first so you have a clear understanding of their warranty position.
    As far as my plans, I will check the carb butterfly and idle transfer slots to be sure they are correct. Then I will experiment with sec diaphragm springs, in an effort to kill the hunting of the secondaries which occurs while skiing. I tow some pretty serions water skiers, and maintaining constant water speed during short line runs is difficult, especially when the secondaries hunt due to changing vacuum levels.
    I have to do these things first, because it will justify my new mech sec double pumper. Only question is 750, 800, or 850.
    By the way, my intention is not to flame ProBoat or MP. This is only my experience, and I am sure there are a great many satisfied customers out there. Everyone can, does, or will make mistakes. In ny case, it will only be me in the future.

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    If it is pumpwork i go to mpd jack has a very good atitude and will answer all ?s.and i have been pleased with the work.All motor work i do my self.what is convenient for me is that he is there til 10pm so it makes it easy for me to come home for work and wait traffic yo die down before i go.

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    I would go with Tom Papp personally. He has treated me excellent.

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