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Thread: I'm losing it

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    I am going flippn nuts at work. I can't stop thinking about running the boat next week. I check the bourds about every 30 seconds to see if someone has posted. My posts are even starting to read like Kimm'ys.
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    MORE COFFEE!!!!!!!!

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    Hang in there Buddddie......

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    I cant wait for our CRUISE and FLOAT on a full lake!CA'MON!

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    ive been pretty busy lately but i see you finished her, must be nice.
    one of these days i will have to come over and check it out im out of work on disability for a few months i put in a last ditch effort on the motocross deal and came up short litterally.
    so im selling the dodge the bikes and everything motocross, its time to find another boat asap ill pm you my new number oh and i wish i had your job oh wait i have a beer in my hand right now yeah mine is ok

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    Cole Man II
    Stay calm, and step away from the race gas.
    What boat will you be bringing? Is the new motor ready?
    Cole Man.

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