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Thread: Ya Gotta See This!!! Jet boat movies from the 70's

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    These movies are classic!!! Panther Jet owners will really love them, especially "Go Wild" when "Bad Berk" loses big time.
    Check out "Go Wild" and "The Adventures of Panthera" here:

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    Dude I just about cried laughing when the boat took off to outer space. Brought back some memories too. I used to have the same ski and gloves as the skier girl. Good find!

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    Old Charger
    HOLY CRAP!! That has got to be the funniest thing I've seen. Man, was it really like that back in the 70's? I was totally diggin' that CHiPs music!! Bad Berk and his boys...oh my gotta love that... http://free.***
    Too damn funny!
    dankirk, where in the hell did you find those?

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    Aren't those great!!! I found them while searching for info about my Panther Jet. Now I need to find the button that makes it fly!
    The funniest part was when they guy said, "Now look, your driving a Panther Jet. You just don't realize how fast this thing goes."
    Later. Dan

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    Old Charger
    Does your Panther Jet make that growling sound when you start'er up? http://free.***

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    One time, i took off for outer space in my boat. it was cool. there were chicks everywhere. And then the jungle juice wore off and i woke up in copper canyon with a real bad sunburn. i want a bad berk T-shirt!!!

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    O.C. - It made that noise once...but I pulled the debris out of the impeller, and it went away. I wish my motor sounded like a jet engine like the one in the movie. Maybe if it did, I would get all the chicks and their KFC. :-)

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    Did anyone notice the thanks to Liberty boats? The red boat was a Liberty........
    RiverDave, notice it beat the Nordic?

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    Those are really funny, very 70s... Panther Jet's current add in Hot Boat is also very 70s yet, they need to update that some...

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