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Thread: I'm Selling It all!!!!!

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    We have our second and last trip planned with our once used 2006 Weekend Warrior FSC3200, then it's up for sale. We will be off to the mountains from 07-12-05 to 07-18-05, then I am going to sell it to get another boat. Got the fever again and can't get away from it. If you know anyone that is interested, have them PM me. I would like to sell everything together: 2006 Weekend Warrior FSC3200 (with everything from the cover to the T.V's to the sewer hoses), 2000 EZ-Go Gas Cart (with a 9" long travel lift and "One-Off" front facing rear seat), 2004 Honda TRX450R Quad, and 2004 250EX Quad. PM me for more pics....Heck, for the right price: I'll sell the 2004 Ford PSD also..

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    two words....Holy Shart....
    OK...bidding starts at $1
    I got $2
    JON. (sold?)

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    SHAKEN Not Stirred
    Dirt is over rated......Water rules!!!!!

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    You said it!

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    Good luck on selling the package deal it would make a nice down payment for a boat :notam:

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    a catered life
    :2purples: dam its like santa lives with you...........kinda looks like one big ass taco truck ,,,,,good luck you got a real nice set-up there

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    I am interested in the gas golf cart, details and price please..

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    i already have all that stuff,I just love it when someone makes a dicision to sell everything,takes balls. Id give up all my desert stuff to keep going to the river,been to Glamisexico lately?

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    Perfect Mixer
    The rear seat on the gold cart looks like a launch pad for little kids if you hit some rough terrain.

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    The rear seat on the gold cart looks like a launch pad for little kids if you hit some rough terrain.
    Looks like it had some sort of seat belt, which would be "mandatory" if I put my kids back there :hammerhea

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