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Thread: Need info on Hawaiian Boats

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    Hello all: I am a marine surveyor who has been asked to provide a value opinion on a 1982, 28' Hawaiian day cruiser, 7.4 Liter to a Berkely Jet. I have tried to find the status of this builder and comparable sales. Does anyone know that status. Also, in view of the limited listings available, what do you folks who live in the hot boat world feel a comparable manufacturer would be, especially for early 1980s vintage boats of this sort. The boat looks a lot like a Hallet to me, but I am not sure if it is of that quality.
    Feel free to e mail me.

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    Hawiian boats is located in Norco now, but I'm not sure if it is the same owner.

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    Just a few opinions. Hawaiians were not high dollar high quality custom boats like say Hallett. And a 28' daycruiser with a jet will likely be sluggish, compared to a prop drive. Comparable boats of the day may have included Cheeta, Tahiti, Glenco, & Horizon. Not necessarily bad boats, any of them, but not high dollar, rock solid boats of the day like Hallet, Eliminator, Nordic, & Shiada. In good shape, maybe a 7-10K boat. MAYBE. Just my $.02.

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