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Thread: NorCal Jet Boat Club?

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    Since Tower Park was a ton of fun for all involved, we're thinking of putting together a jet boat club. Something where we have a couple of outings a year for some fun in the sun. It was a great to see a bunch of jet boats running around, awesome sounds when everyone fired up after some picture taking.
    If interested, email me at

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    I'm in!!!!!!!!!! This had to be the most fun I've had on the water ever! I'll help if needed Don

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    Yea, let's do it. Cas for president!!!

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    hey cas i'm from nor-cal that club sounds good. i wanted to go to tower park,
    but i could not make it. how was the water- and weather and camping?
    thanks jimmyb

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    I'm in however you guys in modesto and Lodi arent REALLY nor cal nor cal starts exactly 32 miles north of sacramento.Your more north middle central california. However all that being said, sounds like fun!

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    Havasu Hangin'
    Originally posted by oldphart:
    I'm in ...Your more north middle central california
    If there's A Northern Midwest Central California Older Outdrive Boat Club...I'd like to join.

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    I thought anywhere north of the Grapevine or Bakersfield was Northern Calif.

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    Since this topic will probably get scrolled off shortly, would you all mind dropping me an email? I'm going to build an email database so I can keep track of who's who. I'll also keep everyone updated on what's going on.
    As of now, it's just going to be an informal group interested in a couple of jet boat gatherings a year.
    Jimmy, check out the recaps on the trip at You might need to go to page 2 for 1 of the threads.

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    hi cas i thank you for time i tryed the link you left, but i cant get anywhere,
    it could be me i am not that computer savey.
    maybe you could give me some pointers on how to use the link.
    thanks a lot.
    jimmy b

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    hmmm, that's the address, I wonder why it didn't work? Oh well, if this doesn't work again, I'll email it to you

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