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Thread: Chevy Gear Ratio Help

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    Looking at buying a new Z71 probally tomorrow. Cant really get a clear answer on miliage differences between the 342 and the 410 gears. Tested the 342 gears this morning pulling the boat and it was less than stellar performance. OK but needs more grunt in the 20 mph to 50 mph range. Looking at the 5.3 HO motor.
    Does anybody know the difference in gas miliage between the two?
    Also does anyone got any info on the 5.3 vortec HO. It has about 310 HP. Has an aluminum block and aluminum heads. Any worrys about the aluminum heads doing all the pulling?

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    You can bet someone will say "buy a Diesel"

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    Buy A Diesel!!!

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    I knew help was just around the corner!

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    Any worrys about the aluminum heads doing all the pulling?
    I don't think they can do it all by themselves, they're going to need the rest of the engine to really pull.
    p.s. buy a diesel.

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    Diesel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :d

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    I knew I came to right place for info. 5 minutes into the thread and helpful advice is already flowing. Must just be the generous nature of you left coast guys!

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    I pulled Beer-30 home with my wife's '04 Yukon, 295 HP, with 3.73 gears. It was stellar performance in my eyes. I wasn't sure if we would come back with a boat, so we took hers instead of the Dually. Ended up buying it and came back with it. I took it easy on it, but it is still within the "book" specs for towing. It will probably never pull it again, but I must say I was impressed. And I have pulled trailers since I was very young.
    If you are staying gas, and also 1/2 ton, go 3.73.
    By the way, you are not buying the truck for mileage. You are buying it to pull your boat. If you need mileage, you would be looking at a Honda civic. Point is, don't worry about the mileage. You will put gas in it anyway, no matter what. Get what will do what you want it to do. Been there, done that.

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    I had a 1500 Z71 4x with the 5.3 and 4.10's. I put 285/75R16 BFG AT's on the stock rims and it towed great and did great cruising at 75-80 mph. 3.73 if you're keeping stock size tires, 4.10's if you go a bigger to keep to power.
    The 5.3 is a great motor, tons of pwer and decent milage. Not like the 6.0L dog.

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    Oh yeah, I was thinking 2wd. I see he is looking at Z71. Go with the 4.10s.

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