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Thread: Jet a vator Q's

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    My cousin bought a jet boat with a berkley pump. Were can we get a jet a vator set up? I work on stern drive and v-drive so I'm not to familar with the jet stuff. Anyone know were to get one or any info would be great. He is in Nor Cal. Thanx RD

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    new, try
    but I am someone on here has a used one. Try to PM n8dawg, I think he may have one. I know he has a pump, but not sure he has the divertor.

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    Used would be better. Thanx RD

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    Depends on which model pump your cousin has as to what parts you need. The Berk "E" can get a "jetovator" (factory style) bolted right on (requires a nozzle change as well) and it becomes an "F" (which I run factory). I'm not sure the factory Jetovator is available any more in a new status. The other pumps (split bowls) are best served IMO by a "Place Diverter" which is a brand but has become the comon term for aftermarket bolt-on trim systems. Retail there arround $500 or less, I THINK. (I haven't been pricing them) Good luck. If your cousin has an older Berk without a ride-plate, might also be a good idea to plan in the future for installing one. They allow you to set the attitude of the boat at high speeds to controll porposing and trim for best speeds.
    Good luck to you and your cousin rad.

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    A day late and a dollar too short. I just sold mine last week. I will keep my eyes peeled for one

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