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    Anybody know of a good storage place in the I.E.? Having a new 24' built and would prefer it to be an individual slot, not the warehouse type. Thanks in advance.

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    i store a montery in moreno valley they are doing a lot of upgrades new pavement and key password gates all in the next couple of months i pay 35 dollars a month. but im sure it will be like 50 or so now. there is also a new self storage in san bernardino (north part) really nice top of the line security huge parking spaces.easy to park boat. off the 215 exit palm go right to kendall turn right left side i think it was 70 dollars. 40 dollars diffrence for me. if they bump my storage up past 50 i will switch to them. i want to start going to silverwood and i frequent big bear plus the river. less then a mile from where i live. so those are all positives
    i m me if i could be of help.

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    What part of the IE you talking about. Dry Dock Depot, great place, very clean and secure.

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