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Thread: More Place Diverter Questions....

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    I finally got my used diverter all installed the other day. It was working great. But of course I had to go and dick with it. I decided to upgrade the connector to a water proof deal and now the damn thing wont work right. Pump spins but no up or down.
    I'm pretty sure I've got it wired right. Front solenoid and the one diagonal from it are hooked together. Same for the other front solenoid. That makes 2 out of the four wires on the connector. The other 2 join together to power the pump.
    With the hoses off, are you supposed to get fluid pumping out of BOTH fittings in either up or down? Shouldn't one side pump and the other receive?
    Damn, I'm supposed to leave for the river at 8am this morning... :burningm:

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    Ive had this happen twice with my place diverter. the 1st time I didn't have a constant 12 volts at the battery. The second issue was a crack in the fluid reservoir. Hope its that simple for you.

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