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Thread: Hardin log exhaust gasket replacement

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    After two seasons of water dripping from the gasket between the Hardin collector log and the elbow, I removed the exhaust to replace the gaskets. As with any job, it was more hassle than you plan. The studs had corroded inside the elbow mounts, and were nearly permanent. I had to use wedges, chisels and penetrating oil to force the elbows off the log studs. Now I need to find new gaskets. There are two fiber gaskets with an alluminum spacer in between. Can someone suggest a place where I can purchase new gaskets? Thanks.

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    flat broke
    Take your pick,
    CP performance
    Eddie Marine
    Rex Marine
    Just about any repair shop that deals with jets
    Hope that helps,
    Chris (

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    I have tried all kinds of Shit for gaskets. The best thing I found and this will be a Shocker!!!!!! I used some plane old gray colored cardbourd. Its like the stuff on the bottom of a pad of paper. The shit worked like a Million Bucks..... Also used some copper Silicon.

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    I did also fly cut both sides. To make sure they were flat.

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    Dans66Stevens, I've never used note pad cardboard on exhaust but thats what I've used on motorcycles for years. That and copper ultra silicon. On the Cleveland motor in my jeep I don't use any gasket on the exhaust manifolds only the copper ultra. Six years-no problems.

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    Thanks for all the gasket suggestions. I located some gaskets at CP Performance in thier new catalog, but if HOT1GMCJET is correct, S&A Marine in Trenton (Mich?) has good quality gaskets. I did a search on the white pages, and cound not locate S&A. Does anyone know them and can they provide a phone number? HOT1GMCJET? Thanks.

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    toomuchfun,Looked on the puter could'nt find an S&A marine, did find a trenton marine center in N.J.# is 800-372-7278.Not sure if it does any good, but that's what I found.

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    My bad, toomuchfun - S&A Marine is in Allen Park, Michigan - number I have is (313) 382-8968 - if that doesn't work, try directory assistance for Michigan (area code 313 or 734) let me know how you come out - Good Luck! http://free.***

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