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Thread: Strippers and Dykes! Spam get them right here

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    C'Mon! You know the only thing better then strippers is tossing some dykes in the mix. So here you go. Your wife will just love these shirts! Mine sure did. lol
    Anyway this is a friends wiring service and I thought the shirts are pretty cool.
    Soooooo, if anyone else thinks so just flip me 12 bucks and you to can have your own strippers and dykes shirt. If I have to ship then add two bucks.
    Hanes med. weight gray should be good at the river.
    C'mon, the brass pole is extra!
    Oh, they are only in XL but you fockers are drinkers so it should be just right!!

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    I guess no one likes strippers and dykes

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    I think most guys like strippers the dikes on the other hand..............

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