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Thread: Spam in a can (for sale)

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    bottom feeder
    13 foot jetco aluminum hull. autometer gages, kirkey seats, all stainless lines, 9 gallon fuel cell, optima battery, 496 BBC single dominator roller cam vacume pump,crank trigger. MSD ignition and Digital 6 box. American tubine SD-309 pump. this boat is not for the weak at heart. All or part it out make offer.

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    Damn that looks like fun!!!

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    Sanger Jet

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    Aluminum Squirt
    Hey BF, if it comes down to parting it out, I'll take the seats and probably anything else I can afford. Why you selling?-Aluminum Squirt

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    just curious but whats something like that normally run $ and how fast are they

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    just curious but whats something like that normally run $ and how fast are they
    I'm betting plenty and scary are the correct answers

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    I'm betting plenty and scary are the correct answers
    yeah, usually when boats come with roll bars i would agree with ya.

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    bottom feeder
    Aluminum Squirt: I havent had much time to use it here lately and thought someone eles might want to play with it. What all do you need to get rolling agin. I have 502 box motor we could put in your ride and go BBFX racing.
    Mexrunner: I have found that this stuff is only worth what someone is willing to pay. As far as speed I have seen 103 on the gps. No need to run that fast though. These boats are truly built to turn.
    Jrork and Big block baja: They may be a bit scary in the begining, but you quickly learn how to drive them. you end up with respect rather than fear.

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    pm me with a price on your 502, and the 496, i need one soon. :smile:

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    Aluminum Squirt
    I need a motor but I'd get my ass handed to me trying to run in BBFX with a 496 in a 15' sprint hull. I'm gonna try to rebuild my 350 to ZZ4 specs and go racing. I don't need much, my boat is rigged pretty well, just some little stuff. My seats are horrible with a vest on, and I want to clean things up and make my boat look a little more like yours. I wouldn't part it out if I were you, that thing should sell pretty quick up in sprint boat country, but if you do, let me know. By the way, beautiful rigging job and workmanship on your sled. I'd love for you to come down to Ca and hand a couple of lake rods their ass with a 100+ MPH 13' boat. I like lake boats, got one of them too, I just think it would be entertaining-Aluminum Squirt

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