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Thread: 490ho impeller housing

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    does anyone know the name of the company that was selling a replacment for the piece of shit brass impeller housing in the 496ho merc? if i remember it was about half the price and even had a warranty.

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    490 Ho?

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    Sandbar Junkies
    I made a replacement kit call me i will donate it if you test it.

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    i thought i lost 6 cubic inches .thanks beer-30

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    I was curious, actually, because Mercury has some old motors that had different call signs. Just wanted to make sure you weren't working on a classic or something.
    I think it is JABSCO. An all brass piece around $250-300. Is that what you were looking for? I am sure CP has it or Eddie.

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    that may be it but i was thinking it was back east and not brass!did a search and cant find it.

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    $289 out of Overtons.
    Composite aluminum, plastic, and cast iron construction of original Mercruiser water pumps does not hold up in marine environments. Now you have the choice to replace the complete pump assembly, the end cover only, or the impeller with a more durable, longer lasting pump. The Jabsco Mercruiser-type replacement pump has a one-piece bronze body and bronze end-plate with a replaceable cam and wear-plate so it can be rebuilt when needed.
    37552 Qty
    Stock: In stock

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    Is that what you were looking for?

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    thanks for the offer sj whats the housing made of?mines fine [at 800.00] its for a friend over on the rrx board.

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    thats the one thanks beer-30.

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