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Thread: I.D. Hydro History

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    looking for info on a 1980 Sides Kraft shovel nose.las titled to a david jett in azle,tx.
    info is the boat was ran either blown gas or blown alky. it was a powder kinda baby blue with a grim reaper painted on the bow.
    sorry no pictures !

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    Is there a "VIN" number??? If so you can research the builder thru the US Coast guard. They have record of all "Titled" builders in the US. I've never heard of that name. I might go as far to say it was a "Splash" or a "One Off" hull. BUT, what do I know... I'll ask around and see what comes back. Not much help, But a shot at something. Mike :idea: :hammer2:

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    Jerry Sides of Fort Worth, Texas built those hulls back in the late 70's and early 80's if I remember right.
    Jerry's son Devin ran jet boats for a few years. Unfortunately, both of them are deceased.
    Haven't seen David in years, but do know that his nephew will probably be at the Ft. Worth race next weekend. Will try to find out a phone number for David.

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    yes i do have HIN is there a web site you can direct me to or i can supply the HIN !

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    Try this web site or you can call 1-800-368-5647. The HIN # should be all the info you need to give to find out who the manufacturer was. If this doesn't do it let me know.

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    id by HIN shows to be a Sides Kraft Boat made in fort worth ,texas
    out of bitznez in 2004.

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