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Thread: spam-gas tanks

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    Jim Brock
    I have three sets of gas tanks for sale,#1 ss steel polished round tanks with brackets 81/2in -48in long $250.00 pair #2 alum polished with brackets 8in-52in long $200.00 pair #3 alum cruiser tanks 17in high-72in long 7in wide at top tappered to 3in at bottom $300.oo pair Jim 818-890-1867

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    Jet City
    I'm interested in the SS tanks (#1).

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    Jet City
    Jim, left you a message, PM function not working.

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    Jim Brock
    give me a call monday after 10.30 am, Jim

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    Jim Brock

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    Jim Brock
    the filler tube on the ss tanks are 11in from the front, Jim

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    I am VERY interested, I sent you a PM and left you a phone message.

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    Jim Brock
    the ss tanks are sold, still have the others

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    It was good meeting you Jim.
    Now I just need to figure out how I am going to rig these things.

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