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Thread: Tyson is DONE!!!

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    Big Bear
    Well, I hope I have just witnessed the end of a stormy era! He said he is done and does not have the heart for fighting any more. I hope he means it. I am glad I bought the fight at the last minute. Many may say it was a waste of money but what the hell. He admitted he was just fighting for the money.
    Now fade into the sunset MIKE!!! You ARE finished.

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    yup....kinda sad way to end it...but he let it all out..."dont have the love, needed to have a last payday, etc etc!!!' Good luck to him!!! :wink:

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    who won the ladies fight????

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    who won the ladies fight????
    ali of course!!!

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    Tyson is DONE!!!
    Thank god :rollside: Now if we could only find a great white hope

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    Big Bear
    ali of course!!!

    Layla whooped some ass!!!

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    DId Tyson loss or win

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    Tell us about it? How long did it go? Did Mike git beat bad or what? KO or TKO?

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    Big Bear
    Scoring wise, it was not pretty, about even.
    That big and I mean BIG white boy was really leaning on him, wearing him down. Tyson quit on his stool after the 6th round.

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    Iron Mike threw in the towel? :notam:

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