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Thread: plug gap

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    i switched to pertronics on the 460 bbf. what should i set the plug gap at?
    pat(slotracer) :idea:

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    sanger rat
    Start out at .035. Even with my MSD my motor has run better with the plugs at .035.

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    Pat, I've always used .032" to .035" for all ignition systems, inc. MSDs

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    thanks for the replys. got them done.

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    The wider the gap, the less timing required for proper ignition, the less timing, the less "negative work" being done against the piston on the tail end of the compression stroke. The flame kernel is expanding at the moment of ignition, and this pressure "fights" the last stages of compression. There is 180 degrees from bottom center to top center, you need to run say 36 degrees timing,you have a 4" stroke motor, depending on rod length, the piston is about .8" (20 percent) from tdc. The most efficient chambers with the best quench require the least timing, and make the most HP. Use the largest plug gap you can, commensurate with the capabilities of your ignition system. I use .045 to .070 depending on the motor. TIMINATOR

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    Did you change the coil? Did you change the wires? Did you change the spark plugs? Why change the gap? The 'spark power', did not change, all you did was stabilize the dwell. If you have the same power, why change the gap? Flame travel still takes time! ".070"?

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    yes i changed the coil to a blaster2 and i installed new plugs and wires. so yes i did all of the above :messedup:

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