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Thread: Interesting Turbo setup.

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    How can their be no turbo lag (or minimal as they claim) when you have 8 feet of exhaust piping.. and then on top of that 8+ feet of intake piping? No intercooler etc?? WTF?

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    There is no possible way that that system is lag free as is. If you're squezzin a 70 shot out of the hole I could see no lag for obvious reasons but other then that that kit is going to have some lag. Hopefully they used ball bearing cartridges in their turbos to minimize spool up time but even so there's gonna be some lag.

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    I think the correct size exhaust tubing would create enough back pressure or volume of exhaust to turn the turbo. The turbo is getting a much cooler exhaust charge when it's away from the engine. These setups are really good for mild and rv use but not for top performance. But twins and intercoolers get real expensive. The also use single turbos alot in dragracing now. They run one real big one and intercool it close to the engine. I've always wondered about the turbo housing cracking when water hits a hot turbo, like when driving thru the rain. From what i've seen they mount them down by the exhaust/mufflers.

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    They work suprisingly well. My old roommate has a 2000 SS Camaro with one. Runs strong. I think he went 11.8x @ 123 this past friday in 90* heat. Stock motor, bolt-ons and the STS kit.

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    I hear they work VERY well !!
    Oh yeah I also have one in my garage for a 03 suburban

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    "Dave", the exhaust side of that blower is using only 30% of the exhaust flow to run. The 'lag' is almost non- existent, because the waste gate is computer/TPS controlled. When you move the throttle the gate responds (the way a good turbo system should work) and the blower is always 'up at running speed'. Waiting for it to spool up, is WAITING, and you don't have to wait, if you do it correctly. I tried 4 smaller turbos on a 600" motor, and it was instant boost! The smaller exhaust side will only 'carry' a moderate sized compressor, but it was enough to make a solid (intercooled)18lbs from 2400 RPMs to 6700RPMs. It 'grunts' so hard I was worried about going lower in the RPMs. I am worried about crushing the oil out of the rod bearings, and flattening them. If you put too much oil pressure at low RPMs, I have found you can cavitate the pump more easily than when it is up in the RPMs. (pressure VS flow) I have a 1979 454, Chevy crew cab dually. It has been turbo charged since new, 497000 miles, They work!

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