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Thread: No water getting to engine???

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    So I took my 1975 sleek craft out today i just finished swapping out the 455 with logs for a 460 with bassetts.. I started her up and no water was coming in from the jet? The engine was bone dry, Any Ideas? I have check and doubled checked my plumming and it seems to be right.... Just want to get her back on the water.

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    Maybe the Sleeks a little bummed about the engine swap & is jinxin you. Just kiddin man. Double check your water in valve and water out valves if you use this kind of setup.

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    Pull your incoming line first, then visually check it, I picked up a rock once that totally blocked my inlet hose from the pump to the block, I was convinced it could not be in the brand new lines, man I was wrong, I still cant figure how that rock traveled through my intake and went through a 3/8ths fitting and up two feet of rubber hose to totally block the water. .02........Vic

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    you said there was no water comming from the jet! was your pump air locked?my last boat ,an eliminator took like 4 or 5 minutes to prime sometimes, just a thought! :sleeping:

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    There was a little bit of water in the intake manifold whhen i pulled off the thermostat but not much i had the engine running for a good 5 mins.. and started it several times.. and the really bad thing is my oil got a little milky.. how could that happen if very little water was getting to the engine? This boat is driving me insane......

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