Little update.
Went to Blythe this weekend.
Had a great weekend. I almost forgot whats it like to have a boat that runs with no problems. I think all the sinking bugs are gone.
I think I need a little tweek on the carbs, I was running at 5500 RPM, and this weekend was at 5300. Could have been the dry river heat too. I am not gonna mess with it yet.
I put 2 boats on the trailer!!!!! (no not you Brooski, well, YET!!) One was a 78 Eliminator with 665 dynoed HP. Its a buddy of mine. The reason I think I got him is that he has no diverter or wedges, he is running SOOOO wet. He is GPSed at 73, and I was walkin him.
The other I sucked his doors off. (if a boat had doors). He claimed his went 75, so I agreed to race, I bet he was 65 max. He told me he raced a PCW and that the PCW rider told him he was doin 75 LMFAO!!!
Anyway, HAD A GREAT TRIP!!!!! I am ready for ya Brooski!!!!!!