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Thread: no spark what the hell

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    trying to fire off the motor for the first time. installed a 6al plus box, malory dist with electrionic ign and blaster coil (coil is used and so is dist). but dist was points and I converted it to electronic ign dist is magnetic pick up not one of the photo light deals.I pulled coil wire off, no spark and led light is on at the msd when cranking dont have an extra coil but will get one tommorow but those things i thought hardly ever go bad any suggestions

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    Mighty Thor
    Start with the basics. did you pull the distributor to work on it? If so is it seated properly and is it rotating? If so, next step check all connections to everything then start tracing electricity to make sure it is getting where it needs to go. if you got juice in all the right places then you have a bad component and you need to figure out which one it is, box, coil pickup etc. Mine turned out to be a sheered pin on the distributor. :yuk:

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    6AL box has two sets of imputs from distrubitor, might want to check there( a high volt and a low volt i think its been a year or two)

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    this box has like ten diffent set ups, in the manual i'm under after market with malory dist, blaster coil, magnetic pick up two wires out dist to the to one pos one neg 12 to key checked twice the orange and black to the coil, and power and ground for msd, there is a wire that is a loop and says dont cut if ford chysler of gm hei or msd with magnetic pick up but says cut with pionts stock malory amplified spark and some other crap i dont know if i'm suposed to cut i'm magnetic pick up eltronic ing and malory

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