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Thread: 5th wheel trailer forsale....SPAM

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    2003 34 1/2 ft, tripple slide out.
    currently at HIDDEN SHORES in Yuma AZ. rear living room floor plan, front bed room with queen bed, central AC and heat, optional A/C in front bedroom, basement storage, Very nice high end trailer. Will deliver anywhere along the river, up to havasu or back in SD or LA counties. priced to sell......$39k

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    TOBY...check your emails.

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    Mike Schmidt
    Is there anything your not selling :wink:

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    Is there anything your not selling :wink:
    almost EVERYTHING is forsale :wink: We just NEVER use the place at HiddenShores alot of $$$$$ just sitting there......HEY ya want a GOLFCART? Lets talk :wink:

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    Mike Schmidt
    Answer your d@#% phone!! Call me

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    Answer your d@#% phone!! Call me
    sorry buddy, my phone is on my desk.......AT WORK. P/m me your #, I'll give you a call.

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