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Thread: 73 Makes and Counting--Any More?

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    With your help we now have 73 different Jet Boat Makes--thank you Jet Heads! ( or ( will get you there.
    Are there any more?
    Please don't send in a different model of the same make.
    I heard that Sturey (spelling???) made a Jet Boat back in the early 70s. Any one have a pix?

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    I didn't see a Rogers.

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    I few that I didn't see are: Advantage boats, Ultra, and Liberator. Thou I'm sure the guys on this board can give you many more. Great site by the way, keep up the good work!

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    Ultimate Warlock is also missing

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    didn't see cheyenne

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    did not see youngblood thier

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    Didnt see Wreidt either!

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    they dont have kona listed either

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    i did not see waikiki http://free.***

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    How about Sprint, Wellcraft, Duckworth, NorthWest Jet, American jet.

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