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Thread: What type of intake gaskets should I use?

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    I am finally getting around to working on my boat, trying to get it ready for 4th of july weekend. I got the motor apart and found my leak on the intake (Olds 350). I have read that I should stay away from the valley pan and use fiber gaskets with my aluminum intake. Well, the gaskets I got are Felpro's but they are a two piece metal gaskets. Should I use these or should I return them and go for the fiber? What gasket manufacturer make fiber intake gaskets for the olds motors?

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    Jet City
    I'm not an Olds guy, but I like using Mr. Gasket intake gaskets, I just get the standard gaskets (not ultra seal), they work great on my BBC's and BBF's. I use clear RTV around the water ports and a bead on the front and back areas, nothing grosser than blue or copper silicone spooged all over an engine.

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