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Thread: anyone heard of an inducer impeller

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    Have any of yall heard of this. I is made by american turbine. I was wondering if it works.

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    Actually its made by Don's Pump Service. I think AT buys em from them. Its supposed to reduce cavitation, especially out of the hole by loading the pump better.
    Hustler and Froggy have em. Ask them for the benefit of their experience.

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    I added one when I did the energizer kit on my pump. so its hard say how much improvement it made over the energizer kit. but I can tell you this my pump has not cavitated since I did. I dont think froggy has one on his boat yet but he might be doing one soon.

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    fat rat
    Are you having a cavitation problem?

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    no I dont have a cavatation problem, but my pump slipped the other day. I am running a B in a dominator with 600-650hp. I had just read that the inducer helped with this problem.

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    I've thought of getting an A but I hate to buy a new one. Anybody got a good used one?

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    fat rat
    You say your pump slipped the otherday.....was this a one time occurance? I think you need to be a little more specific.

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    Yes it only happened once. But this is the only time I have put many hours on it. Most of my other runs have been short because they have been test runs.

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